SRH App (EN)

The SRH App Version 2.6.6 will be available in the App Store from October 23, 2019. This version can be run with the plug-in 2.5.0 or higher. There are the notes below Chapter 3.4.2 to note!

Due to the server changeover, the improvement of communication and the expansion of the use of the SRH app with the H-Software, it is only necessary to register the SRH app on the server again if a plug-in version lower than 2.5.0 is currently being used! When updating from version 2.5.0 to version 2.6.0 or newer, there is no need to renew Registration of the SRH app take place! The registration and access data remain valid.

PlugIn version <2.5.0:

  • the existing plug-in must be deinstalled and the plug-in 2.6.0 installed

  • a new registration must be carried out

PlugIn Version = 2.5.0

  • is the server address in the plug-in stored, the SRH app will not be re-registered

  • if another server address is entered in the plug-in, this must be in can be changed and a new registration of the SRH app takes place

The comfort remote control of your Dimplex heat pump

With the Dimplex SmartRoomHeating App your Dimplex heat pump is now online. With the SmartRoomHeatingApp have you from anywhere (Note system requirements) Access to your Dimplex heat pump directly via the iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® touch.

In combination with the Smart RTC room temperature controller, the room temperature can now be set differently for up to 20 rooms via the app. The standard integrated heat pump manager intelligently and automatically ensures maximum efficient operation.

The most important functions at a glance:

  • Fast and convenient monitoring of the heat pump status

  • Change of mode and setpoint temperatures

  • Increase and decrease times of heating curves

  • Access to home ventilation units of the ZL ... V / ZL ... H / ZL ... H-C series



Glen Dimplex Germany GmbH

Operating system IOS

from IOS 8.0

Version 2.6.6


Android operating system

Not planned!



System requirement

The minimum system requirement for using the SmartRoomHeating App is an internet access¹, a Dimplex heat pump with heat pump manager WPM 2006, WPM 2007, WPM EconPlus or newer, as well as one NWPM extension for integration into the network, with at least Firmware A1.5.0. The SRH app requires iOS 8.0 or higher. The smartphone must have active internet access¹ to be able to access the heat pump.

¹When accessing the Internet, additional costs may arise depending on the DSL and mobile phone contract.

For the use of the SRH App an internet connection is essential. Use in local mode is not possible!


The installation of the SRH App takes place via the AppStore with your smartphone or iTunes.

to register

Before you can start, the SRH App and the heat pump with the server. Registration is necessary so that both sides can speak to each other.

The following figure shows a schematic of the communication after the registration has been completed.

Scheme of communication

Installation and registration video

An installation and registration video of the SRH App made available:

Registration of the SRH app

To register the SRH App will

  • a user name of your choice

  • a freely selectable password

  • the serial number of the heat pump

needed. The serial number (serial number) can be read off the type plate of the heat pump.

A 10-digit serial number is required for registration. If there is a serial number with less than 10 digits on the nameplate, this must be filled in with preceding zeros!


  • Serial number / serial no. on nameplate 123456

  • Enter 0000123456 when registering

Type label with serial number

When registering the SRH App the fields serial number, password and user name must be filled out and the registration confirmed. The serial number is then checked. If the registration was successfully completed, the system ID and the system key are reported back. The system identifier and the system key are then required to register the heat pump. The comparison of the SRH App with the heat pump.

When updating the SRH App and the use of the PlugIn 2.5.0 the changed server address must be used!

If you reinstall the SRH APP the server address is already preset.

Entering the data
Completion of registration

Registration of the heat pump

NWPM extension with the Firmware A1.5.0 or newer and one Plug-in needed. If a plug-in is already installed, the status message "Ready" is output. If the status message "Ready" is not displayed, the plug-in has not yet been installed.

  • The heat pump is registered via the menu «settings»-«Remote control" carried out

  • Note the server address!

Registration overview
  • "System ID" and "System key" access data from the registration of the SRH App in the interface and set the online access to "Yes" and save

Registration of the heat pump
  • A short time later, the successful login is displayed in the status

Registration status

If the above steps have been carried out successfully, the SRH App started and carried out the login using the specified access data. After a successful connection, the start screen of the SRH App displayed.

Since the heat pump first sends the configuration to the server, there may be a delay of a few minutes when you log in for the first time.

Login to the SRH app
Start screen of the SRH app

Error messages

Since not all software versions of the heat pumps have yet been released, a check is carried out first. If the test is successful, the SRH app starts in the home screen. If the test is unsuccessful, a message will be displayed.

The heat pump software has not yet been released









October 2019

  • 2 heating circuits with 10 rooms each can now be integrated!

  • Weather display has been removed until a free, reliable service is available again

  • Daily consumption was inconsistent and has been removed until a more precise calculation is possible

  • small bug fixes and UI improvements

  • Server address



  • small bug fixes and UI improvements



  • Weather service with a preview for the next few days

  • Support of the 'cooling' mode

  • Extension of the operating data display

  • Support of the NWPM plug-in 2.5.0.



  • Better overview of the system status

  • Separate tile for showing the ventilation

  • Heating circuit type "Fixed value" support

  • More differentiated error messages

  • Language packs for French and Polish

  • iOS 11 support



  • Support for systems with heating circuit type room control.

  • Improvements and bug fixes.



  • General bug fixes and improvements


For further questions, information and suggestions, please send an email to:

with the additional information of:

  • Device designation

  • Software version